Let’s Stop Acting Like Bill Cosby Was a Threat, When He Really Was a Tool

All Day! Via Natasha Thomas-Jackson and that black girl magic.

Natasha Thomas

A couple days ago, a post made by a woman going by the name of “Emauni Too’Famous”  started making the rounds on Facebook. The post was a response to Bill Cosby’s recent arrest for aggravated indecent assault. Given the fact that I had spent considerable time, energy, and emotional currency discussing this topic in both face-to-face conversations and in digital forums, I decided to give my mind and spirit a rest and ignore this one.

However, a few hours later, one of my former students, a young woman who had, in our previous conversations, supported Cosby, asked what I thought about Emauni’s post. I was immediately reminded of how much I liked and loved this student. How brilliant I knew her to be and how proud I was of all of her achievements and the growth she had experienced since going off to college. As much as I wanted…

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